Martyr of the Disciples!



How He Died

Simon Peter †     1st Apostle;

†     Denied Him 3 times

Crucified Upside Down
Andrew †     Simon Peters Brother

†     Preached in Asiatic Nations

Crucified, hung over a precipice
Matthew †     Tax Collector for Rome

†     Immediately followed Jesus when Jesus called on him

Died by halberd (ax head/spear in his side; Ethiopia, Africa, 60AD
James †     Son of Zebedee

†     Elder brother of John

†     His mother, Salome was cousin to Mary

†     Referred to “James the Great

Beheaded by Agrippa in 44AD
Bartholomew †     Translated Gospel of Matthew into India’s language

†     Distributed that Gospel all over India

Beaten in India; then beaten again and crucified by Rome
Thomas †     Also known as Didymus;

†     Or “Doubting Thomas”

†     Preached in Parthia/India

Died by the spear
James †     Known as James the Less

†     Brother of Jesus Christ

†     Author of the Book of James

†     Overseer of churches in Judea and Jerusalem

†     The last one to believe in Jesus

94, when he died; beaten and then stoned by Jews and Gentiles; killed with a fuller’s club (a black-smith’s hammer) to the head
Jude †     (Thadaeus); Wrote Book of Jude

†     Preached in Assryia/Persia

†     Brother of James the Great

Killed by an arrow
Matthias †     Replaced Judas

†     God chose him over Barsabbas

Stoned, then beheaded in public!
Philip †     Born in Bethsaida; preached in Phrygia

†     First to be called a “disciple”

Scourged; imprisoned; Crucified in AD54
Simon †     The Zealot; Preached in Britain

†     Preached in Mauritania, Africa

Crucified AD74
John †     The Beloved disciple;

†     Brother to James the Great

†     Founded churches of Smyrna, Pergamos, Sardis, Philadelphia, Laodicea and Thyatira

†     Worked in Ephesus, and Asia Minor;

†     Wrote John 1,2,3; Gospel of John; Revelation

Imprisoned and banished to Patmos; then released to die an old man of natural causes!

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