A Woman Asks A Man for His Hand! Ruth 3:4-7

The Story of Ruth!

The romance of the decade!  Ruth and Naomi were desperate for support!  It was difficult back then for women to live on their own without a man to protect and keep them!  So they begged for the left-overs from the fields!  Until Boaz!  Boaz was enamored with Ruth: perhaps she was more beautiful than any woman he had ever seen!

When Ruth laid down at Boaz’ feet, to rest, it was the equivalent to asking him to marry her.  How bold, how brave!  All of this action could have meant disaster for Ruth and Naomi!  But God had other plans:  Read through Ruth Chapters 3 and 4 to see the results; then look up Matthew to see that both Ruth and Boaz are in Christ’s geneology!

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