Why did he cut me off?

Worry is the best tool of the devil.  There are many people who think they are smarter, prettier and more holy than anyone else!  So they think they can judge, lecture and control everything and everyone around them!  When that does not happen, they worry!  Why did that person say that to me?  Why don’t people talk to each other better?  Why did he cut me off in traffic?  Why aren’t they thinking about what I want?  When these kinds of thought go through your head, it is all about control!  Trying to control the circumstances around us, leads to worry!  Worry leads directly to the devil!  The devil delights in us, if he can keep us focused on ourselves and not others!   When you can do nothing about a situation and you feel out of control, cast it all on Jesus!  Stop thinking you can change everyone!  Talk within yourself to keep your mind on your own business!  1Peter 5:6,7

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