Freedom from Hurt!

Hurt can be turned into Hope!  When you have been hurt, especially by someone you trust or love.  God can replace your pain, with gain!  If you turn your pain over to God, give it to HIM, HE will give you double for your gain!  There is release and freedom from the responsibility of holding onto pain.  There is freedom in letting go of something or someone who has hurt us.  I experienced that about my own mother betraying myself and my family.  But, the more I gave it to God, and I admit it took time and prayer, the less pain I felt.  Freedom, I love it, that God will take all that pain I felt at betrayal and HE replaced it with hope, knowing it is all in God’s hands!

Jesus is such a comfort, when reading His Word!  Seeing how Jesus was betrayed by HIS closest friends at a time when He needed them most!  There was a real sense of knowing my Best Friend, the Friend that never leaves us nor forsakes us, nor has ever betrayed us; He is right beside us all the time!  All we have to do is reach out and hand it over to Him.  The pain does diminish, does melt away, replaced with joy, hope, laughter!  Galatians 1:9

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