Fear Mongering! 1John 4:7

The verse before this one says God is love!  Then it goes on to say, love is from God.  Whomever loves is born of God and therefore knows God!  We must not assume everyone who is born, created by God, loves.  That is why people try to kill people.  They do not love.  It may sound very simple; but, until one is born again and therefore “born of God”, it is impossible for them to know God and ergo, love:  not only God, but all HIS creation.

We can love God’s creation and hate the sin they do!  That is where the lines get blurry.  Christians are all expected to love, love, love!  The second Commandment Jesus gave, right after “Loving God with all our hearts, minds and soul; is to Love your neighbor”!  Different translations change the word “neighbor” up with brothers/sisters; each other; all; etc.  But here it is folks:  Love God’s creation!  Not only the people we find palatable.

Does this mean we embrace everyone!  No, we do not have to accept what everyone, everywhere does!  We do not have to have them in our homes, tickling our ears; we do not have to visit them and embrace their way of life.   We can love a creation, designed by the Creator; we do not have to love the sin the creation manifests!  So, bottom line:  Love the sinner, hate the sin!  But, if we do not stay in the Word, keep Christ in our hearts, we can become desensitized to another religion, another lifestyle and another unconditional acceptance of lies and betrayal of the Word.  We must wear our armor and we must stand up for Christ!

Christ’s words: (Luke 9:5)  Wherever they do not receive you, when you leave that town shake off the dust from your feet as a testimony against them.

Present the Word; Speak up for Jesus; but if they do not accept any of that:  back off; leave town; don’t accept them into your home to try and change their way of life!  Let God take care of their spiritual needs, if they reject Jesus!  Does this mean we never present Christ?  Of course not, but not all of us are called to the Missionary field in foreign lands and many of us are ill equipped to face those from foreign lands in our own field!  We just are not that prepared!

As far as the refugees are concerned, I believe we should help them, present them with our way of life, a Christian way of life, teach them the Word; and if they reject the Word and Christ, let them return to their country when the fighting ceases, then to the lifestyle that Christ judge when HE returns!

Get the point!


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