Christ: The Reason for the Season! Hebrews 1:6

Christmas Lights on a Christmas tree
Spell out Christmas Day to me
But we must not ever forget
Christ came as a babe, so the stage was set
With one purpose on one special day
A virgin bowed her head to pray
A betrothed man wanted to shout and scream
But an angel of the Lord came to him in a dream
All was planned by God as it should be
God’s will be done is what Christmas means to me
So be kind to one another on this Christmas day
For there is no debt sin, that debt’s been paid
Because of a simple Bethlehem manger birth
Every soul can be free on God’s green earth
Free to choose eternal death or eternal life
Free of burden, because of a loving Christ
So lift your voices, sing out loud and clear
Christmas songs are merry, filled with good cheer
So as you look at those Christmas lights
With trinkets and on top, an angel bright
Think of that special angel so long ago
It is not about gifts or the mistletoe
But about a quiet birth with the animals around
About a treasure even kings found profound
It is love at its best and what we all really need
So this Christmas lift our hearts with our minds on our knees
And remember at Christmas it is all about 0ne night
A star, settling on a Virgin giving birth, in the sky, bright
Our Lord, no longer in that stall manger, a baby boy
But a Savior, the Christ, the Son of God….sent to bring life, peace and joy!

Sharon, December 2015

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