Where is Hope? John 8:22

We are living in the end of days!  What I find very confusing….why are Christians the only ones realizing what is going on in this world today?  Jesus constantly warned His followers, but they did not listen.  Pastors, Scholars, even Atheists are saying these are end of days!  Jesus said, “I am from above. You are of this world.  I am not of this world. Where I go, you cannot follow!”  Even those people close to Jesus did not understand a word He was saying.  When Jesus talked about being lifted up, they did not understand!  It is like we need to see to believe, then we accept what was said to us.

The people at the cross knew Jesus was dead!  The soldier pierced His side to make sure!  The closing of the tomb and the guards at the tomb knew there was no escape from that grave!  Yet, and this is what astounds me to this day, when Jesus appeared in the upper rooms, while the disciples were hiding from the Romans, in fear for their lives; there was a question put forth….prove you are HE?

Clearly, Jesus had rose from the dead and was standing before them…..seeing was then believing.  Today, are we not the same:  we, as a nation in a democratic society, with all the comforts around us, we question what we see right in front of us!  Prayers get answered; friends heal from illnesses or surgeries; animals are protected; babies are born; new challenges are faced with dignity, every day!

All of this spells:  HOPE!  Without hope, there is defeat!  No hope, no future!  No hope, no joy!  No hope, no fun!  In my lifetime I can relate to you tragedies of suicide, from children to seniors!  In the midst of all that tragedy is hope and we must cling to hope in the dark days ahead!

Jesus lives!  HE is alive!  HE is waiting for you!  Come to HIM and receive hope, comfort and joy!

John 8:22

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