Tribute to Victims of Terrorism! Rev. 11:14

Fifteen years later, in a changed world of unrest
We know our faith will soon be challenged and put to a test
But, for now, we must stay at the tiller, in trust and in hope
Keeping focused on God: it becomes easier to cope!
With the turmoil a life’s challenge may sometimes bring
In the middle of a tribulation, we don’t want to sing
About joys and treasures, when one has suffered a loss
A health crisis, a death, a job in which we were tossed
But, faith can conquer all, we saw that back in the day
After the tower crisis, so many people found their way
To churches for peace, and a tiny one stood
In the city of chaos of mortar and wood,
Remained standing among all the rubble and pain
Who knew a little building would offer so much gain!
Crowds poured into churches to get closer to God
When hurt, it is natural to turn to HIM who brought
Our Lord and Savior, to save all those who are lost
So let’s remember the ones who paid the greatest cost!
Many have been martyred and graves cry out for justice
There will be none until those responsible pay the price
But this world is not fair; the unjust seem to go free
While good people suffer, criminals are charged no fee

The brave men and women who gave up their innocent lives
Leaving families behind, in mourning, husbands and wives!
Moms and dads; sisters, brothers and friends, too
Many injured, some forgotten, and don’t know what to do
Governments don’t support and should have cared
About those that suffered during the 9/11 suicide raid
Let’s remember, let’s not forget all those that hate
Be sure we aren’t the ones going through Hell’s gate!
Keep faith in your heart, care for those around you
Represent Christ in all you think, say and do!

God bless those who are remember or living with the past of 9/11!

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