There is nothing more debilitating than that of “Fear”! That gut wrenching desire to flee whatever the situation you see yourself dropped into; you just want to run!

There are two types of fear: That startling response to suddenly seeing a snake on your path when walking through the woods! Now, if it is poisonous, your fear is intensified! Responding to that fear may save your life!

Then there is a reverential fear: The slow dread of what might be or what you imagine could happen. Making a speech in front of your boss while not really knowing your material….where failure could mean losing your job.

I am going to propose a third type of fear: Reverential! That is the fear of the unknown. A sudden shadow passes in front of you, while walking down your hall in the middle of the night! A phone call from the doctor telling you there is a spot on your lung. Going for an angiogram and finding out you have to have a triple bypass! Then there is a fear for the unseen; the Spirit; God! How many times are we told….Fear Not! The Bible teaches us not to be afraid of God, yet, many are afraid of the Creator! Why? Because they do not know HIM! God is love! Love and fear cannot exist in the same space! If you create a painting, a sculpture, a letter; if you carry a child inside of you or father a child; there is nothing you will not do to protect your creation.

That is God! God loves! That who HE is! God created us; therefore, HE cannot do enough for us! God is God! HE will not destroy what HE has created! Then, to extend that love and to really seal the love, HE gave HIS only Son to die, so we don’t have to; to pay for our sins. That is true love! And that has nothing to do with fear! How can you fear anyone who loves you so much HE gave HIS life for you! So, have no fear! You are wondrously made and loved! John 3:16

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