Ten Commandment 1

GOD’s Commandments to Mankind!

Campfire Bible Study

GOD is the CREATOR (Elohim) and Lord of the Universe and

HE deserves our first loyalty!—God’s Principles/His Will!

GOD/LORD: (Yah-Weh) (Jehovah)

YHWH found 7,000x’s in old Scripture

God/Lord: (Elohim)

Means Grace/Mercy/Love/Justice

Creator (Father, Son, Holy Spirit)

Plurality if ends in “im”

GOD/LORD: (Adonai)Rabbis would not use YHWH for fear of irreverent use; so they used Adonai Means Ruler ship  The disciples did not use the name: Jesus
  1.  Jesus was asked in Matthew 22:   Which one of the commandments is the greatest?  Jesus answered in Matthew 22:37:  Jesus said to him, “‘You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.’    This is the first and great commandment”.   (Note:  The first four commandments)
  2.  Matthew 22:39:  And the second is like it: ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’  On these two commandments hang all the Law and the Prophets.  (Note:  The last 6 commandments)

Does this mean we can forget about the 10 commandments given to Moses by God because Jesus replaced them???  NO!  Matthew 5:17-20

     Read Joshua 24:18-25 (put away hidden idols); Romans 3:27-31 (All)

Exodus 20:3


  1. What does this mean to you?
  2. What are “other Gods”?  Deities of other religions, superstitions, horoscopes, money, possessions, career, personal comfort, family, friends, addictions, fame, power, security, romance, sex, church, extreme patriotism—anything that comes before God!  Archbishop of Ontario Anglican Church talked of pride in Canada, without putting God first, was very disappointing!
  3. Biblical Advice:
    1. Religions:                        1 Timothy 2:3-5 – One Man (Jesus is for ALL) Only 4% of the next generation will go to an evangelical church this year.
    2. Church:                           3 John 1:6; Mark 6:30; Matthew 18:20 26% of Americans associate with an evangelical church; 16% unaffiliated.  Balance of those that go to church are Black, Jew; Muslim, etc.
    3. Money:                            Matthew 6:24; Mark 10:25 (horde)
    4. Possessions:                    Luke 4:3-8 Satan tempts Jesus with things!
    5. Personal Comforts:        Luke 6:29; James 4:4
    6. Career:                             Matthew 10:1-3—Disciples had careers and left them to follow Jesus, giving up their lifestyle.
    7. Security:                          Matthew 7:26,27 (False Security)
    8. Superstitions:                 1 Samuel 4:3—
      1. The Ark was put before God, thinking it would protect them when the Israelites fought the Philistines but they lost 30,000 men and the Philistines stole the Ark.
      2.  Israelites put their faith in the Ark, instead of God to defeat their enemies.
      3.  The Philistines took the Ark back some time later because their camp continued to be cursed with plagues and disasters. Ghosts/Spirits:
        Matthew 14:26
        —Ghosts/Spirits are real!

        1.  Holy Spirit/Holy Ghost Mark 6:14—Kings were full of superstitions;
        2.  Today  3 in 4 Americans believe in the paranormal:  Ghosts/ESP, etc. (Gallup Poll Stat) believe in ghosts and the spirit world
      4. Horoscopes:                     Matthew 2:7—Looking to the stars for answers!  Who does “Not” know their sign?  99.2% of the population knows.
      5. Family:                           Matthew 10:37
      6. Friends:                           Ephesians 4:4-6—Choosing friends wisely
      7.  Addictions:                     Matthew 8:28,29 (Drugs/Alcoholics)
      8. Romance/Sex:               2 Samuel 12:15-19
      9. Fame/Power:                  Ezekiel 16:14 (Corrupt Jerusalem/Nation); Revelation 19:1 (Power belong to God) American Idol became one of the most popular and most rivalled tv show in the history of American television. As of 2011, it is the most watched TV series in the Nielsen ratings and the only program to have been number one for seven consecutive seasons,[2] surpassing All in the Family and The Cosby Show, which were both number one for five consecutive seasons having as many as 38 million viewers.
      10. Patriotism:                     2 Samuel 10:12
      11. What does the Bible say about “gods”?  Genesis 22:1-14
        1. Abraham proved that GOD was his first priority. How?
        2. Willing to sacrifice his own son!  Obedience!
      12. 2 Thessalonians 2:3,4:  God knows our hearts!  God knows our motives!
      13. 1Kings 18:36-40: Israel’s people worshipped other gods like Baal, so God used Elijah to prove to the people HE was more powerful than any other gods before HIM!


  • Praying:  Telling God what you want Him to do!
  • Molding God into a Personal God:  Complying with personal wants and  needs, turning HIM into something or someone HE is not!
  • Making God into their Image (Humanization):  Instead of accepting God for Who He Is! For example….there is more than one way to get to Heaven


The Old Testament demonstrated:

– God required people to offer sacrifices because the law commanded them to do so as an outward sign of a right ‘heart’ attitude, based on Covenant!

– Continual testing of faith by works and deeds

The New Testament:  What does God want from us based on Jesus?

– God wants to be acknowledged! (an obedient witness to Christ’s sacrifice and in that witness, acknowledge HIS Grace, Mercy and Love!)

– God desires a closer relationship with us through His Word!

– God commands people to show mercy to others (loving judges of sin on earth).

– God wants obedience to HIS law, HIS sacrifice and by obeying we demonstrate and acknowledge HIS unending love for us through the gift of eternal life with HIM.


Because we treasure Him,

Want to honour Him,

Want to glorify Him

and Want to serve Him

Final Prayer:  Our Father!

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