There are those that think they evolve from a big bang!  Whatever was created from an explosion?  I am not scientist, but I think it is only common sense that there would be a lot of angry monkeys on this planet; considering they were left out of evolution.

So, lets talk evolution:  were your ancestors knuckles dragging on the ground…..maybe!  But mine were not!  The earth is very old!  Formed from the four corners of the earth.  How old is the universe?  I don’t know!  Neither do the scientists!  How old is the rocks on the earth?  I don’t know!  But neither do the scientists!  Let’s get real:  we are not God!  God formed the universe and HE is not accountable to us to answer to us and give us all the answers to all our questions!  God is of old:  HE is the Alpha and the Omega and not accountable to us!  The earth is old, formed by the God of the Universe from the Universe.  Now, as far as evolution is concerned… many people do you know that evolved since, let’s say, Abraham…..or even, John F. Kennedy?  Think about it!

Psalm 139:13-15

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