Jesus is Coming, Soon!

This is the season to be thankful!  God has poured out HIS blessings so much on us that at times, we take them for granted!  God is good, all the time!  But, is HE good to us even in the dark territory that we often wander?  So when we feel there is little to be thankful for, God shows up in our darkest, deepest hour!  When we hurt, when we feel pain, when we get that call with bad news, a break-up, when we have a loss so profound we cannot express it:  GOD COMES INTO OUR LIFE!  HE feels our pain, HE knows when we have been embarrassed,  when we are facing the biggest challenge of our life or when we just got a brand new puppy!

Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you for sending your Son, to die on a cruel, bloody cross, so we don’t have to go to the grave!  We can live forever, because Jesus took our sins, took our pain, took our bad news, took our hurt and it was nailed to the cross with HIM!  Now, that is what I call “good”.

Thank you to my supportive, incredible husband, Max.  He is always by my side, through sickness, through successes, through every good day and through every bad. I love you so much! Especially for your understanding how much I love Jesus!  Thank you to my beautiful daughters, Tamara and Tara, whom I depend upon to be actively in our life’s, bringing a joy and a love that is beyond anything I could ever express adequately!  Thank you to my brothers and sisters in Christ for walking the faith walk with me, attending my Bible studies, sharing the love of the Lord and accepting me for who I am, a child of the living God!

God bless Canada and God Bless America!

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