Moaner, Groaner!

Since man was created it has been heard,
God is so good and God is so great!
When heartaches and sorrow are cured,
We believe God does what the Bible states.
But where is our heart,
When His silence is loud?
And the answer on God’s part,
Is a perfect plan found.
Do we wonder and moan,
Frown, ponder, then feel?
Do we question and groan,
To our Lord: “What’s this deal”?
We beg, whine and plead,
Wanting our very own way;
Forgetting the plan or whose in the lead.
Remember the Three who have final say?
They made us human and thinking free,
To doubt and to worry, to wonder in awe–
Able to cry: “What about me”?
Then we seek, knock; then look to God’s Law.
Answers loom while we search and we seek
Holy is the Spirit that puts us down on our knees,
God’s forgiveness turns us suddenly meek,
And we realize how humble we surely must be.
His open arms holds our precious fate,
To be under His Sovereign Will
Upheld in His love and His perfect date,
For our lives are His and His to fill.
Each breath He owns, filled with peaceful care,
Resting in the joy He is on our side,
God gives us only what we can bear,
And the shout: “Oh god” is heard far and wide.
Because of a pain, a cure or a greed,
Jesus paid our debt and now it is done;
No more demands, no more human needs,
Its all forgiven, Christ’s blood has won.
So rejoice, stop the moans; look way up,
Have faith in what is not earthly seen,
Our Lord has taken our sinful cup,
On Christ we now can assuredly lean.
Stop the moan; stop the groan
We’re loved, there are plans
We are blessed by His Grace that we finally own,
God is in Heaven, the earth in His hands.


July, 2007 

Romans 8:23

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