Walking Wounded

The walking wounded; are so wise; BUT you do not want the reality behind their eyes.
The steps you walk–for the knowledge you gain; IS agony and severe emotional pain.
The silver lining; behind Death’s dark cloud; is the sure and certain knowledge of prayers said aloud.
The sheer power is astounding to see; and even more amazing if a part of it you get to be.
You may not think so on life’s darkest night;  BUT your vision becomes twenty-twenty with hindsight.
You meet so many others struggling just like you; Misery does love company it helps to get you through.
The devastation to life as it was before; can leave you shaken to your very core.
Remember–all you have to do: is Breathe in, Breathe out; passing on GOD’s love is what it’s all about.
Keep on walking wounded as you are; Jesus wept and washed away every single scar.

Trouble; (Sue) John 11:35

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