Tribute to Carl W. Conway, 2 Corinthians 5:6

In 1946 a man born with a childlike soul
Had a playful heart that paid Heaven’s toll
Carl Wesley Conway sealed his mark as he could
Loyal, loving, and stubborn Carl proudly stood!

A stern father offset by a kind, gentle mom
Carl’s sister a tribute to tender caring and calm
Doug and Sharon’s family, Carl’s pride and joy
Boasting about each one since they were a girl and boy!

With every new venture Sharon’s family turned
Carl loved them so, his respect they earned
Carl ached for a family he personally never had
In his quiet heart, he longed to be a great dad!

I met this handsome, quiet boy; he was in Grade eight
Carl had the Rednersville Road girls wanting him on a date
With a gentle giant manner, CC had his own ways
Lets share some happy times, not Carls’ difficult days!

Now a little, dutch boy stepped into Carl’s life
Fast brother friends, they faced public school strife
One tall, one short, they were each others odd pal
It was Carl who matched Max with this brown eyed gal.

A life long friendship grew, a thread so strong
Carl, a part of our family while it grew all along
When measuring the life of this friend, this man
Don’t look at recent years, but his 62 year span!

For over 56 years with us, Carl was always there
With our girls he was an Uncle who showed he cared
Loyal, faithful and sturdy no matter what came
Royal Daltons was Carl’s legacy of earthly gain.

When Carl walked across town, he would sit for a spell
Reading with a coke, a little visit, then he’d tell
A little gossip he had heard during a downtown walk
But if Carl held your secret, he wouldn’t share that talk.

Be it pitching in at a Madoc printing press
There was often only Carl when we moved to a new address
CC sometimes oohed and ahhed while he labored away
But he got the job done, in the end: Pizza, yeah, I’ll say.

Sailing, swimming, biking, we did so much more
Camping, hoteling, cards and movies galore
Quiet days of Eurche, Canasta and oh yes, Krokenoe
Trekking Belleville with Thelma: those two always on the go!

Carl loved BBQ’s, campfires and swims in the Bay
Peas on a vine and spaghetti sauce done his own special way
His eyes twinkled at over-wrapped Christmas gifts
Of Barbie Treats,  Enterprizing gold to Cabbage Patch kids!

From Franklin Motorcycles to Elvis trinkets galore
Carl was our Christmas Santa, but so much more
Giving freely, sharing, yet alone every night
He was tired; He was ready to give up the good fight

He had faith to lean on for courage, strength and hope
Carls in Heaven with Jesus, no illness or pain to cope
He is rejoicing now, no more hurts or sorrow
We will see Carl again in some distance tomorrow

Godfather, Uncle, Babysitter, Worthy Son and Friend
Great Uncle, Brother, a loving Comrade to the end
Faithful to God, Angel Protector to those he loved
Carl, through faith, walks in God’s Heaven above.

So farewell dear heart, know  you’ll be painfully missed
Enjoy our Lord, His rewards, His Heavenly Bliss!
You have earned your Sufferer’s Crown, of that I am sure
Now run on God’s streets of gold so joyful, so pure!

Hear me Lord, when my soul is down on my knees
You now have in Carl, a servant eager to please
Too quick to death’s sleep, although eager to soar
His friendship we’ll treasure and forever adore.

We studied with Carl many times, 2 Corinthians 5:8
Absent from the body means present with the Lord; that verse states
So have peace knowing where our dear friend, uncle and brother is
Hakuna Matata, because in Heaven, our Carl Wesley Conway lives!

August 28, 2009; Napanee, Ontario
2 Corinthians 5:6

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