Dreams and visions! Revelation 13:3

In the last year God has given me the opportunity to talk with a number of people who have had visions and dreams, clearly prophetic messages sent from God.  Visions and dreams are sent to people He chooses for a testimony of God’s glory and majesty and to reveal His truth.  The following is a recounting of one such dream.  I have changed this mans name to protect his privacy.  I found his dream compelling and its interpretation even more astounding.  Dreams and visions are a gift from God and in the end of days dreams and visions will increase.  See Acts 2:17

Trip To Modern World, March 11, 2007

I, Antonio Gardiani, had a dream on March 11, 2007.  In that dream I was flying and talking to some “unknown” thing.  I recall as I continued to talk to the “unknown” thing and as we turned to the right, I saw the tip of a white feather wing flopping as we flew.  He “(the unknown)” took me to see the modern world.  We were flying so fast, that we covered a lot of territory.  I saw all churches with crosses on the steeples and the steeples were torn and burned, not a single cross was left on any of the churches.  The churches were burned, blown-up or boarded up. 
We flew down, and as we got closer to the ground, I saw the boarded churches with what I thought was graffiti; however, he told me to look closer, because it was not graffiti–it was some Aramanic Symbol or Language. 
We continued on this trip around the world.  Sometimes we flew, and there were times we walked around on earth.  I was able to ask any questions I wanted.  I could see the people; but they could not see me. 
I asked, “Are there any churches left?”
He said, “The only remaining church is the New World Church”.  He took me to those churches where I saw they were big and beautiful.  Inside, they were decorated with beautiful ornaments, but there were no Bibles nor crosses to be found.  I saw all kinds of religious and terrible things that were being practiced in the church.  There was fornication (witchcraft, sex).  Anything that was bad was being done in the church.  Prayers were forbidden, because they were considered an abomination to the State.  The Rules were posted for Christian Offenses.  If caught in prayer, with the Bible or any Word of Jesus Christ, punishment was as follows:  First Offense, loss of one hand.  Second Offense, loss of second hand.  Third Offense, loss of life.  These rules were posted everywhere, and throughout the world.
The President, in these modern times, was called Your Majesty, which was accepted as politically correct.  I saw his Inauguration.  He was sworn into office, and his oath was taken with his hand on the book of Jackals.  Jurors or witnesses were sworn in, with their hands placed on the book of words, (Webster Dictionary), by judicial courts because no Bible was allowed.  Nowhere would you find or see the words:  IN GOD WE TRUST.  Where did we lose our Nation?  Nowhere did I see Old Glory Flying.  Even the Inauguration ceremony did not have red, white and blue colors flying anywhere. 
I saw people walking in all the cities, like zombies.  They would go to work, but they were like zombies.  I asked:  “Where did we lose our God?  Does anybody pray to God anymore?”
He told me, “Yes, prayers continue in secret places.”
I asked,  “Are there any more Christian Preachers?”
He said,  “There are none.”   Bibles are hidden and the coming of Christ is awaited.   The Christians have gone underground.”
I looked up and asked, “Lord is this the end of the world?”
A voice from above said, ” Not yet, it will be a little while longer.”
He took me to where a group were secretly meeting, and they were praying out of one Bible.  Although each one had a Bible they would hide it form the rest.  That way, nobody knew where the others kept their Bibles and if they were caught only one Bible was lost.  The Group had to protect the Bibles because there were no more Bibles printed. 


I had a second dream on March 20, 2007.  The dream of March 11th left me troubled and with many questions because there were some things that I did not understand in the dream.  The explanations I needed to comprehend, were revealed to me in this dream and in this way:
1.  I asked:  Where are the schools because I had not seen any schools anywhere.  The answer was:  What Schools?  Schools are not like the ones you are used to.
2.  I noticed in the State laws the punishment of the three offenses was written in fine print.  It considered the Bible as the Book of Lies and Jesus a false Prophet.  Why do they give the people three chances before they kill them?  His answer:  Do not be deceived.  Those laws are not meant to give those people chances, to stop anything to do with Christianity, but to convert them into evil, to stop them from praying or reading anything to do with Jesus Christ.  The third time they are caught, after loosing both hands, not submitting to these evil ways then they will be killed.
3.  I asked, is there any chance for us to survive and avoid all those horrible things?  His answer was:  yes, only if everyone accepts and follows Jesus.

Sharon’s View:
Dreams and Visions are prophetic if they support Biblical truths and are also in line with God’s Will.  God does not give His children anything to scare them, cause them unrest or to cause dissention or strife.  Prophetic dreams of this nature are intended as a warning or an announcement of what is to come! 
It is clear that what these dreams tell us is supported by the Book of Revelation.  A picture of the end of days after the Rapture when all Christians are removed from the earth and a New Order is set up!  That New Order will support a One World Government and all schools and churches will be governed by Non-believers, with no place for Christ or His Love nor His Word!
I applaud those people that have been given this Gift of the Holy Spirit because it helps us understand how close we are to have our Lord, our Personal Savior return to take us out of this world!  Thank you, Antonio and I welcome comments on this amazing gift!

Sharon, Revelation 13:3

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