Ten Commandments 6

Campfire Bible Study

Reading: James Chapter 2; Romans 3:31


God Created Human Life and Holds It Sacred!

Murder (Hebrew word Ratsach)

What is “Murder”?

– the unlawful killing of another human being, usually premeditated.

– the Hebrew word is always translated as “murder” and is used for this commandment to contrast this prohibition with other forms of killing such as:

a) accidental death                                               b) war

c) self-defence                                                        d) capital punishment

e) killing of animals

Genesis 9:6; Leviticus 24:17

God created human beings in His own image!

To take another’s life is to destroy the image of God!

Murder is throughout the Old Testament:

Cain:                                                                       Genesis 4:8 (Jealousy)

Simeon (Leah’s/Jacob’s Son); Levi:                   Genesis 34:2,25 (Avenge Rape of Dinah)

Moses:                                                                     Exodus 2:11,12 (Protected a slave)

Joab:                                                                        2 Samuel 3:27 (Avenge Killing of brother)

King David:                                                             2 Samuel 11:14,15 (Lust)

Absalom:                                                                2 Samuel 13:28 (Avenge Rape of Sister Tamar)

Apostle Paul:                                                         Acts 9:1 (Killing Christians)


God hates and detests hands that shed innocent blood!

Proverbs 6:17

Romans 12:18,19:          Paul has advice!

1John 3:15,16:                Those who hate Christians are murderers; true love is evident in those who lay down their lives for others.

What did Jesus say?

James 5:7-12; 2Timothy 3:6:  Brothers/Sisters

Mark 3:31-35:                  Who are they?  Those that were with Jesus!!!! Listening, sitting, just abiding in HIM!

Matthew 5:21,22:           What about judgment?

Matthew 5:38,39:         What about “eye for an eye?

John 18:22,23:                 However, Jesus did not offer his other cheek when He was slapped; but offered a challenge of Good vs. Evil.

John 8:7:                           Another example of injustice that Jesus taught–

Statistics: (USA)   

1960:   9,110 Murders;

2009: 15,241;

Peaked: In 1991: 24,700

There are more murders committed out of anger than any other emotion…..

             As with all other commandments, hatred and anger comes from the heart!


A strong feeling of intense displeasure, hostility or indignation as a result of a real or imagined threat, insult, frustration or injustice toward yourself or others important to you.

Righteous Anger:

Anger toward those things that God would be angry about if He were in that situation.

Godly men and women get angry at the right time, for the right reason:  Mark 3:5 (Jesus was angry because of their attitude) 490 times in the old Testament God was angry in a Righteous way.

Wrong Anger:

is very destructive

But the Bible teaches us how to deal with it, showing us the traveling companions of anger and how anger creates anger:  Ephesians 4:31,32;  Proverbs 22:24,25

How does one deal with it?

-          Blow and then it is over

-          Boil it up inside and keep it inside to brew

-          Make excuses for their anger:  The way I was born

-          Bar It

-          Belittle it

-          Grow With it

Angry people are dangerous!

Consequences of Anger:

Our relationship to God is not right!

Our relationship with others will not be right!

Critical spirit develops inside a person

No peace


Sense of emptiness


Affects our Health…blood pressure, heart problems


Victory over Anger:

Identify it:  Who or what am I angry at?

Be willing to confess it!  Why am I angry?

Clarify your feelings:  Is it hurt, rejection, fearful, needs unmet.

Purposely deal with it: quickly; don’t let it create anxiety.

Take an emotional time out…Stop and analyse before reacting.

Put it away…do not let the sun go down on your anger. Lay it down!

Do something worthwhile….work it out so you find a way to deal with it


Anger leads to hatred; Hatred leads to Murder:

60 Million abortions in the last three decades in North America, since Rowan was born on an Abortion Clinic bathroom floor and was ignored by Clinic staff and Rowan died.  Your child cannot get an aspirin for a headache at school, but she can get an abortion without you knowing.

27 Transmitted sexual diseases in the world today.  Botswana, Africa — 50% of all adult population has AIDS.


1 Trillium dollars is spent on weaponry worldwide.  Jesus is not against defending a country.

He asked if there were swords when they went to the Garden.  Matthew 10:34; Luke 22:36

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