Awakening: March 14, 2015

The overall theme of the 2015 Awakening conference was two fold for me:
1. Is the enemy of my enemy my friend?
2. We can no longer be suffering in silence for our faith, but we must take a stand against the enemy!

Stand up for Christianity! Stand up for Jesus!

The following comments are taken from my notes as well as a friends notes concerning the presentations of the guest speakers:
Ken Graves kicked off the presenter program with a profound statement:
“America suffers from Biblical illiteracy and Bible Ignorance. At one time the Bible was used to teach children to read and now it does not even exist in our schools, in our government or our daily lives.”

Gail McWilliams was a mother faced with a choice. When she got pregnant with her second child: Have this baby and you will lose your sight! That second child is married and has given her three grandchildren. She stands for life when she said: “I choose life.” Gail is now blind.

Rafael Cruz grew up in Cuba, oppressed under Castro. Rafael is the father of Ted Cruz. Communism as a way of life, is instilled in children through insidious ways. Children are taught this way: “In a classroom they are told to close their eyes and Pray to God for candy. Open their eyes, no candy. Then, close their eyes and pray to Castro for candy. Then, a teacher sneaks candy on every desk. They are told to open their eyes and there is the candy.” Faith in Castro for what is good, not God.

Owen Cardwell expressed this so profoundly: “Laws must be intent and conform to, God’s moral law! Understand that we are in Spiritual warfare when man’s law conflicts with God’s law.” Dr. Cardwell called for 100 days of prayer and praise and if possible go to federal buildings, in groups of 2 or 3 and pray on the steps as well as 1 day a week fasting! This call to prayer is because of the Supreme Court decision on defining marriage will be ruled in June!

Rick Santorum’s message was pure and simple: “You cannot win an argument you don’t make!” Christians can no longer stand silent! It took one woman: Madalyn O’Hare to get Bibles out of the schools, out of the military and out of government but there are 80,000,000 Evangelical Christians in America today! Where is our voice? We can no longer stand in silence.

Ken Blackwell states “Islam is a threat because we do not defend our nation under God.” “There is silence from and within the church about redefining the family, dependency on government to provide income; and to compromise on issues like homosexuality. God will turn HIS face.” No court , including the Supreme Court, can make laws, they can only rule on the laws. The court cannot redefine marriage, only the people can by voting for the Senate and Congress that make the laws. If government changes this one thing, our constitutional rights will be violated. Accelerate from standing on the sidelines and watching. Find people to protect rights of the people. Pray, seek, return to God, we are in the final days.

Owen Cardwell: Do we understand there is a threat to our liberty? Pray for the President and do not attack him personally.
Frank DeVarona: There are 45 radical Czars appointed by Obama and many are connected to our homeland security.
John Eldsmoe: The roots of our nation has been by the authority of God not the Divine Right of Kings from Britain. He quoted Luther who said: we are to be in obedience to government until it conflicts with God’s law.
Deacon Keith Fournier: Christians are the Lord’s response to the things going wrong. We should be the thermostat not the thermometer.

Kamal Saleem claimed “Islam is a Goliath of the day”! He was a 7 year old Muslim terrorist, turned Christian. He carried weapons to meet Shepherds so they could strap them to the sheep to be carried by the animals within the Israeli border. He made the comment that “by November of this year Sharia Law will be active in parts of America”. Is Islam peaceful? “With Islam there are slaves, not children. If an infidel does not conform, then the Muslim can take all that he has, including his life. All Muslims go to Hell! A Muslim can only go to Paradise by killing infidels. A Muslim will come in on a peace platform in order to infiltrate. What can be done? Engage, be a part of a church that knows they are blessed, take your city back, stand up, vote, run for an office, a school board, something where the church’s voice is heard.”

Shawn Akers stated “When you change policies you change a nation”. Psalm 83:4 says, “Cut them off as a nation that the state of Israel will be remembered no more”. There is a moral decline in America, with a need to meet the interests of special groups. There is an enemy within, chipping away at American values. Passages in the Koran are studied in our schools, but the Bible is not. New standards about homosexuality with questions about safety in our schools, our planes and our malls are talked about, but with no action.

Franklin Graham reported that his daddy was well; with a failing body but a sharp mind. Matthew 8:23 Lord save us, when we are in a boat being tossed and turned by a storm! His message was simple: there is a day coming for America, when every knee will bend and know that Jesus is Lord of Lords!

Here is what Mike Huckabee asked:

Does America have a Muslim government?
You know them by their fruit! Accept the enemy at his word! Muslims have announced I will beat you at your own policy! Death to Israel and Death to America!
21 Muslims cut off the heads of 21 Christians, but the USA government refused to call them Christian!

More notes to follow:  I apologize for any inconsistencies to the presenters.  There was so much information and I was writing as fast as I could.  If I have misquoted, it is with no malicious intent!

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